"Moving Forward" Art show at the University of Denver 

Tom GreyEyes and Ryan Singer 

Nahasdzáán PTSD”

"No Justice on Stolen Land" 

4’x4’ Mixed Media on Wooden Panel

Axhe’hee’ To Amanda and Julia for being amazing 

Had a hand in this one, great design by Jaque.



Dope 30 ft. tall, mural version of the #ItEndsHere poster put up at the Paint PHX event in Phoenix, AZ last weekend on International Women’s Day. Amazing work!

jaquefragua x greyeyesart rocking it. 


This is awesome. Our Indigenous brothers standing strong and spreading the good word.


The Navajo Powerplant and Coal mine to the East of Navajo and our “leaders” that use our way of life as a means to sustain the cash flow. As Diné citizens we have a responsibility to honor the prayers & songs that have been made. We have to stop the contradiction to hòzhó and k’é. Our generation chooses sovereignty and rights to air, land, & water. It is not for sale & should not be corrupted. Through our collaboration with Honor the Treaties we are amplifying the voices of Navajo communities through art and advocacy. Honor the Treaties is a native art collective that dedicates their work to funding collaborations between Native artists and Native advocacy groups so that their messages can reach a wider audience.
Artists: Thomas Greyeyes & Kim Smith 
Location: The Billboard is located on U.S. Highway 64, directly across Hogback Trading Post in New Mexico – 10 miles east of Shiprock, NM.

Voices from Community Members:
“A reason for a billboard in this day and time is to tell a story, a story of how we got cheated of millions of dollars. This billboard tells the story of how BHP Billiton, a billion dollar company has taken advantage of us Diné people and our leaders allowed that to happen. No public hearings, no feedback on money spent on the mine purchase, our sovereignty was waived without our knowledge, completely no transparency in this action,” says Sarah Jane White, Burnham community member.
"Art acts as a political megaphone for the voiceless and transcends language barriers. It also plays a pivotal role in raising awareness and shaping people’s opinions. This project is very unique in its statement, mixed media approach, and the youth involvement," says Tom Greyeyes of Honor the Treaties.

Young Diné for Diné Liberation


"Our generation chooses true sovereignty, and the protection of our air, land, and water. These things are not for sale and should not be corrupted. 150 years ago, our ancestors were exiled from Diné Bikéyah on the Long Walk. We honor the suffering and hardship they endured by maintaining our relationship with Nihímá Nahasdzáán and Yádilhiił, revitalizing K’é and our Diné lifeways. Today, the irresponsible decisions of the Navajo Nation government regarding energy colonization and exploitation threaten our homeland and the future of our people. Our message, Bidziil Beehaz’áanii Dinébi, is a message to the Diné people to say that we are strong and our voices do matter, regardless of how the Navajo Nation government ignores and undermines us. We must take it upon ourselves in this critical time to speak up and act to ensure a future for Diné people within our four sacred mountains.”

‪#‎riseup‬ ‪#‎empowerthepeople‬

Window Rock, AZ